TESSAonly ISA Financial Glossary

What is it? An ISA savings account that provides a tax-free home for capital from a mature TESSA.

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Financial Term Fellowship is Marie Curie fellowships are either fellowships, where individual researchers apply directly to the Commission, or host fellowships, where institutions apply to host a number of researchers

Financial Term Municipal Bond is A debt security issued by state or local governments to help finance operations or special projects, like building schools, road construction, and water and sewer projects. Muni bonds are attractive to investors, because the income they generate is usually exempt from income taxes (see Bond).

Financial Term Personal Identification Number (PIN) is A secure code used to access bank or credit card accounts at ATMs or point-of-sale locations.

Financial Term Specific grants is Payments from the Government to cover local-authority spending on a particular service or project. Specific grants are usually a fixed percentage of the costs of a service or project.

Financial Term Money Market Account is A federally insured, demand account available through banks, credit unions, and savings and loan associations. Not to be confused with a money market mutual fund, which is not insured.