Term Sheet Financial Glossary

What is it? Contains the details of the final quote after discussing your situation with a regional manager

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Financial Term Stocks is Raw materials, work in progress or good ready for sale.

Financial Term Discountedrate mortgage is Gives you a set percentage off you mortgage lenders standard variable rate for a set period of time.

Financial Term Alternative mortgage instrument (AMI) is Any mortgage other than a fixed interest rate, level payment, amortizing loan. Includes variable rate mortgages, rollover loans, graduated payment mortgages, shared appreciation mortgages, adjustable rate mortgages, growing equity mortgages.

Financial Term Roth IRA is An individual retirement account that allows you to put up to $2,000 (within certain income limitations) a year away non-tax deductible with the benefits of being able to withdraw the earnings tax free in the future.

Financial Term Closing is The process of finalizing the sale of property that includes the transfer of title from the seller to the buyer. Also called settlement.