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What is it? (see Treasury Constant Maturity).

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Other Similar Finance Terms:

Financial Term LongTerm Bonds is Generally, bonds with maturities in excess of ten years. They usually pay investors higher yields than shorter-term bonds, but they tend to be more sensitive to interest-rate changes (see Bond).

Financial Term Trust fund is Money that does not belong to us but is managed by us for the owners of the money.

Financial Term Swap is A derivative instrument used to hedge interest rate risk, and is mostly used to convert a floating rate exposure to a fixed rate, or vice versa. For example, a borrower may wish to convert a floating interest rate to a fixed rate using a Swap.

Financial Term ROTC Scholarship Program is Competitive scholarship that pays for tuition, fees, books and a monthly living stipend and other benefits in exchange for participating in drills and classes during the academic year, military camp during the summer, and, upon graduation, full-time active duty in the military for at least four years.

Financial Term FixedAsset Restatement Reserve is This is an accounting reserve that shows the change in the value of our assets from the historic cost to their current valuation. .