Taxfree Financial Glossary

What is it? Interest earned or credited without any income tax liability and not dependant on the investors tax status.

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Financial Term Maturity Risk Premium (MRP) is Risk associated with interest rate uncertainty. The longer the time to maturity, the higher the premium.

Financial Term Bridge Financing is Capitalprovided on a short-term basis to a company prior to its going public or its next major private equity transaction.

Financial Term HVAC is Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning; a homes heating and cooling system.

Financial Term Competitive call is In FP6, for Integrated Projects and Networks of Excellence, not all participants have to be identified already at the start of the contract. In the implementation plan or in the joint programme of activities, tasks and related costs can be defined, for which a participant has to be found later. For choosing new contractors, the consortium has to prepare a competitive call. Details will be fixed in the contract with the Commission.

Financial Term Curtailment costs is Curtailment costs are the amounts of money that are paid to a new pension scheme when a defined group of staff transfer from one pension scheme to another. The costs represent the value of the pension rights accrued by the transferring staff.