Syndicate Financial Glossary

What is it? A group of investment bankers who together underwrite and market a new issue of securities or a large block of an outstanding issue.

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Financial Term equipment trust certificates is A common type of secured corporate bond. For these bonds, a collateral interest in equipment or machinery provides extra protection for bond holders. In most cases, the equipment that is pledged to secure the bonds is equipment or machinery that is purchased from the proceeds of the bond issue. Typically, a trustee will purchase the equipment, issue the bonds, and lease the equipment to the end user. The end users lease payments to the trustee are passed to the bond holders in the form of interest and principal. When the bonds are retired, the end user acquires title to the equipment. Airlines, railroads, and shipping companies are the most common issuers.

Financial Term Discount Rate is (1) The interest rate used in calculating the present value of cash flows. The rate reflects the time value of money and risk of the cash flows. (2) The interest rate charged by the twelve Federal Reserve Banks for short-term loans made to member banks.

Financial Term Organized Market is A central physical location where exchange of securities takes place under a set of rules and regulations. This type of market is also referred to as Auction Market.

Financial Term P & I is Principal and interest as in the principal and interest required for periodic loan repayments.

Financial Term ISA is Individual Savings Account - A type of savings or investment account which is exempt from income and capital gains tax. You can use it to save cash or to invest in stocks and shares.