Stock Ticker Financial Glossary

What is it? This is a lettered symbol assigned to securities and mutual funds that trade on US financial exchanges.

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Other Similar Finance Terms:

Financial Term Log Out, Sign Out is The act of ending a work session or disconnecting from another computer (see Log In, above).

Financial Term Individual Retirement Account (IRA) is A method of planning for retirement that enables individuals to save up to $2,000 annually. These funds, called contributions, are in addition to any retirement plan already in place by the individuals employer. In addition, if an individuals employer has adopted a Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees, the employee will be able to make a pre-tax elective contribution to an IRA of up to $6,000 annually. IRA funds are tax-deferred, that is, not subject to tax until withdrawals are made, when the individual may be in a lower tax bracket. (See Tax-Deferred Investment).

Financial Term planned amortization class (PAC) tranche is A REMIC security created to receive selected cash flows from a pool of underlying mortgages securing the REMIC. PAC tranches use a structure similar to a sinking fund to establish a fixed principal payment schedule. Created together with a companion or support tranche. PAC tranches are intended to have low call and low extension risk. Sometimes called controlled amortization bonds.

Financial Term price is The amount paid for a security. The price of a security is usually expressed as a percentage of its par value. For mortgage-related securities, the price is usually expressed as a percentage of the current face value. A price greater than 100 percent is a premium price while a price less than 100 percent is a discount price.

Financial Term Consolidation is To refinance more than one loan into a new single loan usually to reduce payment and interest being paid.