5V Financial Glossary

What is it? Sell / Venture

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Other Similar Finance Terms:

Financial Term Assessed Value is A public tax assessors appraisal of the value of an asset to calculate tax.

Financial Term Real Estate Loan is A loan that uses real property as security or collateral for the loan (see Mortgage, Deed of Trust, Adjustable Rate Mortgage, Bi-weekly Payment Mortgage, Loan, Fixed Rate Loan).

Financial Term Annual General Meeting (AGM) is This is the annual shareholder meeting. All companies apart from the very small are required to have an annual general meeting by law. The background to the companys annual accounts are normally covered in the AGM as well voting for new directors.

Financial Term Person is Any student, staff, or person in the system

Financial Term Debtor is A person or entity (such as a bank) that owes money.