Stock Exchange Financial Glossary

What is it? A Market on which shares or other securities are bought and sold. Examples include the London Stock Exchange (or LSE) and AIM.

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Financial Term HSPC is Highly speculative

Financial Term Company Buyback is The redemption of private stock by the management of a Portfolio Company. This is a common Exit Mechanism for private equity funds.

Financial Term dominion of funds is A form of receivable lending in which the bank requires that the borrower give the bank control over the borrowers accounts receivable collections. Dominion is a legal term meaning control. This form of lending is also called ledgering or the detail method financing. Do not confuse with factoring.

Financial Term Depository Trust Company (DTC) is An organization that holds physical certificates for stocks and bonds and issues receipts to owners. Securities held by DTC are immobilized so that they can be traded on a book-entry basis.

Financial Term Taxation (cash flow statement) is Payment of tax made during the financial year