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What is it? Share save scheme

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Other Similar Finance Terms:

Financial Term Internal Financing is Financing projects through retained earnings.

Financial Term Trade Date is The date used to determine the price you paid for your investment.

Financial Term Present Value is The discounted value of a payment or stream of payments to be received in the future, taking into consideration a specific interest or discount rate. Present Value represents a series of future cash flows expressed in todays dollars.

Financial Term Collection Fund is A fund managed by the billing authority (District Council) to receive Business Rates income and Council Tax income. It is also used to make payments to the national business rates pool and to pay a share of council tax collected to the County Council, Police Authority, District Council and Parish Councils.

Financial Term MIB is Motor Insurers Bureau - an organisation funded by motor insurance companies which deals with claims for injury compensation when the driver at fault is not insured, or cannot be traced.