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What is it? The difference between the Bid and Offer prices.

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Financial Term eminent domain is The power of a government to acquire private property for public purposes. It is used frequently to obtain real property that cannot be purchased from owners in a voluntary transaction. When the power of eminent domain is exercised, owners normally are compensated by the government in an amount determined by the courts.

Financial Term Price earning growth is The Price earning growth (PEG) factor measures the relative cost of earning growth at the current share price.

Financial Term Stepup or Stepdown is A feature of a lease that contains a payment stream that either increases (step-up) or decreases (step-down) in amount over the term of the lease.

Financial Term Minimum Payment is The minimum amount, usually 2-3 percent of the outstanding balance, a cardholder can pay to keep a credit card account from going into default.

Financial Term Ginnie MaeGovernment National Mortgage Association is A government-owned agency which buys mortgages from lending institutions, securitizes them, and then sells them to investors. Because the payments to investors are guaranteed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. Government, they return slightly less interest than other mortgage-backed securities.