Spouse Financial Glossary

What is it? Transaction on behalf of spouse

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Financial Term debt service coverage (DSC) is The margin by which all of a borrowers or bond issuers required principal payments (not just those for the loan under consideration or just those for loans to one bank) are exceeded by the sum of the firms cash flow plus all of the principal repayments and interest expense deducted in the process of calculating that cash flow.

Financial Term Lump Sum is An amount of money, paid in one single amount - as opposed to receiving or paying the money in instalments.

Financial Term SIB is Securities and Investments Board. A financial services industry regulatory organisation, and now part of the Financial Services Authority

Financial Term ExDividend Date is The day that dividends and capital gains are distributed to mutual fund shareholders of record. Shares purchased on the ex-dividend date will not receive the current dividend (see Dividend,Capital Gain or Loss).

Financial Term Current Liability is Liability that is expected to be paid in less than a year.