Sole Proprietorship Financial Glossary

What is it? A business owned and operated by an individual.

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Financial Term event of default is An event described in a promissory note, security agreement, or loan agreement that triggers rights of the lender to take remedies set forth in the documents. The most common event of default is the debtors failure to make required interest and/or principal payments to the bank when they are due. Often, the remedy permitted to the bank when an event of default occurs is the right to declare the debt to be due and payable in its entirety. Formal loan agreements frequently include numerous events of default.

Financial Term 3M is Neutral / Moderate risk

Financial Term Open is The price at which a security opens the trading day.

Financial Term Servicing a Loan is The ongoing process of collecting your monthly mortgage payment, including accounting for and payment of your yearly tax and/or homeowners insurance bills.