Socrates Financial Glossary

What is it? A EU funded program outside of the Framework program

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Other Similar Finance Terms:

Financial Term Growth Stocks is Stocks of companies that have an opportunity to invest in projects that earn more that the required rate of return.

Financial Term Expected Family Contribution (EFC) is The amount a student and his or her family are expected to pay toward the students cost of attendance as calculated by a Congressionally-mandated formula known as Federal Methodology. The EFC is used to determine a students eligibility for the student financial assistance programs.

Financial Term Precept is The amount each non-billing authority, (County Council, Police Authority or Parish Council) asks the billing authority (district and borough council) to collect every year to meet their spending.

Financial Term State Pension is The basic state pension is paid to everyone. The level of pension you get depends on the amount of National Insurance contributions you pay over your working life.

Financial Term ONEU is Overweight neutral