Short Interest Financial Glossary

What is it? The total number of shares of a security that have been sold short by customers and securities firms. (See Short Selling)

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Financial Term par is (1) The principal or maturity value of a non-amortizing, debt security.(2) The current face of a mortgage-backed security.(3) The price at which the face value of a debt security equals its selling price or 100.(4) For stocks, the face or nominal amount of a share.

Financial Term Redundancy Protection Insurance is Insurance that continues to meet mortgage payments, usually for a limited period, if you are made redundant.

Financial Term disbursement float is The total time period between when a check is prepared by the remitter and when the check is presented for payment. This float also includes the delivery float, processing float, and transit float. Disbursement float is the float period for the remitter. The collection float for the organization that will receive the check is the same duration as the disbursement float.

Financial Term Exit Mechanism is The strategic means by which a private equity fund liquidates its stake in a business and achieves optimal returns. There are multiple exit routes, including Acquisition, Company Buyback, Initial Public Offering, Secondary Purchase and Write-off.

Financial Term Execution Only is Where a customer buys a financial product without the organisation (usually a bank or building society) who is selling the product giving advice or help on whether or not it is actually suitable for the customers needs.