Shareholders Funds Financial Glossary

What is it? A measure of the shareholders total interest in the company represented by the total share capital plus reserves

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Financial Term Tied Agent is A company sales person (or direct sales person) who promotes the products of his employer only, the company he or she is tied to. They cannot search the whole market for the best product as an Independent Adviser can. Under the rules of the Financial Services Act they must make their status clear to the interviewee or applicant at the earliest opportunity.

Financial Term Federal Reserve Board is A seven-member governing body of the Federal Reserve System appointed by the President for 14-year terms. The Board plays an important role in determining the countrys monetary policy, which, in turn, can influence economic activity.

Financial Term Net Debt is Definition Interest bearing debt minus cash balance. Used in the calculation of Equity Value (Business Value less Net Debt).

Financial Term Protection of knowledge is Where knowledge created in FP6 projects is capable of industrial or commercial applications, its owner shall provide for its adequate and effective protection, in conformity with relevant legal provision, including the contract and the consortium agreement, and having due regard to the legitimate interest of the contractors concerned.