Seesaw Finance Financial Glossary

What is it? Issues related to daily movements in stock prices. The market went down yesterday due to profit taking, or The market did not go up yesterday despite US invasion of Mars.

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Financial Term Cooperative Education is A program through which a college student alternates periods of classroom instruction with periods of related employment.

Financial Term Garnishment is A legal proceeding in which money or property that is owed to you is applied to the payment of the debt. Also called wage garnishment.

Financial Term Check Safekeeping is The process of digitizing customers paid checks. The digital image becomes the official record of the transaction and is kept by the financial institution. Canceled checks are stored electronically rather than being returned to the customer.

Financial Term Monitoring Costs is An agency cost that arises when bondholders take steps to ensure that protective covenants in the bond indenture are adhered to by the firm. Similarly, shareholders take steps to ensure that management is acting in the best interest of the owners, i.e., that managers are maximizing the wealth of shareholders.

Financial Term Mortgage banker/Mortgage company is A company providing mortgage financing with its own funds. Although the mortgage banker or company uses its own funds, these funds are generally borrowed and the financing is either short term or, if long term, the mortgages are sold to investors within a short time.