Security Financial Glossary

What is it? Financial instruments such as stocks, bonds, treasuries and debentures. Debt or equity instruments issued by a company, the government or any other institution to investors.

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Financial Term National Savings is Tax-free savings accounts run by the Government.

Financial Term Take up measures is Measures stimulating diffusion and utilisation of technologies developed under RTD projects. A specific form of Accompanying Measure. In FP6 can only exist within STREPs or IPs

Financial Term TaxExempt Entity is Tax-Exempt Entities, for federal income tax purposes, generally include any federal, state or local government (including their agencies and instrumentalities); any organization that is exempt from federal income taxes, such as non-profit charitable organizations; and most foreign persons or entities, unless a significant portion of their gross income is subject to federal income tax.

Financial Term Footnote A is To be used if the funds return to shareholders may differ due to capital gains or losses. This footnote applied to money market funds only.

Financial Term Intermediary is A person or organisation that offers advice and arranges policies for clients.