S&P 500 Financial Glossary

What is it? Standard and Poors stock price index comprising the 500 largest companies in the US

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Financial Term Articles of Incorporation is A document filed with a U.S. state by the founders of a corporation. After approving the articles the state issues a Certificate of Incorporation; the two documents together become the Charter of Incorporation.

Financial Term Event Transaction is A generic term for a range of activity of interest to buyout and mezzanine funds. Event refers to the nature of the specific business objective that is the basis for financing, such as a Divestiture, Management Buyout and other buyout activity, Merger/Acquisition, Re-capitalization, Restructuring/Turnaround or Succession Plan.

Financial Term Multifamily Dwelling is (1) A building occupied by more than one family.(2) A building designed as a dwelling for more than one families at the same time.

Financial Term HUD I Settlement Statement is A form utilized at loan closing to itemize the costs associated with purchasing the home. Used universally by mandate of HUD, the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Financial Term Lockin period is The time period after an IPO when the lead underwriter restricts insiders at the newly public company from selling their shares. Usually lasts 180 days.