Basis Point Financial Glossary

What is it? One hundredth of One percent (.01%).

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Financial Term Monthly Housing Expense is For purposes of a real estate loan application, the sum of all monthly payments of principal and interest on all mortgages (including home equity loans and equity lines of credit) secured by owner-occupied residential property, plus monthly property tax and insurance payments or accruals, plus any homeowners association dues or fees applicable to that property.

Financial Term Rights issue is A means of raising new capital whereby existing shareholders agree to buy new shares at an agreed price, which will normally be at a discount to the current market price.

Financial Term OverValued is An asset whose market value is greater than its intrinsic (formula or theoretical) value.

Financial Term Bridge Financing is Capitalprovided on a short-term basis to a company prior to its going public or its next major private equity transaction.

Financial Term Followon Financing is A supplementary round of financing in an existing Portfolio Company that builds on its original financing, generally in line with business growth and development. Venture-backed firms are often engaged in multiple follow-on deals.