Retained Earnings Financial Glossary

What is it? Earnings not paid out as dividends.

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Financial Term Bargain Purchase Option is An option given to the lessee to purchase the equipment on lease at a price that is less than the expected fair market value so that, at the inception of the lease, it is reasonable to assume that the lessee will definitely purchase the equipment on the option date.

Financial Term Specific Targeted Innovation Project is Specific Targeted Innovation Projects (STIP) are multi partner innovation projects. Their purpose is to support activities exploring, validating and disseminating new innovation concepts and methods at European level. The Community contribution is paid as a grant to the budget (percentage of total costs of the project).

Financial Term Capital Gains Distribution is Payments to mutual fund shareholders of profits from the sale of securities in a funds portfolio. Capital gains distributions (if any) are usually made annually.

Financial Term delivery vs. payment (DVP) is The simultaneous exchange of securities and cash. The safest method of settling either the purchase or sale of a security. In a DVP settlement, the funds are wired from the buyers account and the security is delivered from the sellers account in simultaneous, interdependent wires.