Renewal Financial Glossary

What is it? An agreement to continue insurance beyond any original term.

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Other Similar Finance Terms:

Financial Term No. shares in issue is Current number of ordinary share in issue

Financial Term IFA is Independent Financial Adviser - an independent expert who is authorised to sell or advise on the policies offered by insurance companies, as well as other financial service providers, such as banks and building societies.

Financial Term OHLC bar chart is Open High Low Close bar chart. This kind of chart captures the opening price, the day high, the day low and the closing price. The colour of the line represents whether the share finished up or down on the day (blue up, red down). The top of the chart indicates the day high, the bottom of the line the day low. The Right hand node on the line indicates the day close and the left hand node the day open.

Financial Term Security interest is An interest in property, other than real estate, which is given as security for a debt or other obligation. A security interest is created by execution of a security agreement and one or more financing statements under the Uniform Commercial Code.

Financial Term Treasury Note is Fixed-income security issued by the U.S. Government having a maturity of one to ten years at issue. Backed by the governments full faith and credit (unconditional commitment to pay).