Bargain Financial Glossary

What is it? Term used for a share transaction.

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Financial Term MBS is (Mortgage Backed Securities) Mortgage pass-through securities.

Financial Term Power of Attorney is An authority by which one person (principal) enables another (attorney in fact) to act for him/her. (1) General power - authorizes sale, mortgaging, etc. of all property of the principal. Invalid in some jurisdictions. (2) Special power - specifies property, buyers, price and terms. How specific it must be varies in each state.

Financial Term Financial Need Equation is Cost of attendance minus Expected Family Contribution equals financial need (COA - EFC = Need).

Financial Term Risk Aversion is The dislike of risk. For risk averse investors, the pain from losing $1 is greater than the pleasure of winning $1. Thus, such investors have to be compensated with additional return to induce them to hold risky assets.

Financial Term Footnote C is Capital gains figure includes return of capital.