Purchase Option Financial Glossary

What is it? An option given to the lessee to purchase the equipment from the lessor, usually as of a specified date.

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Financial Term put is A contract that gives its holder the right to sell an underlying security, commodity, or currency on or before a certain date. The sale option is for a predetermined price called the strike price. Options are often used in hedging.

Financial Term Contract of Sale is A contract between a purchaser and a seller of real property to convey a title after certain conditions have been met and payments have been made.

Financial Term Freehold is Where the land and the property on it is yours, unlike leasehold where the land does not belong to you.

Financial Term Covariance is A measure of co-movement between two variables.

Financial Term Closing is In real estate sales, the final procedure in which documents are executed and/or recorded, and the sale (or loan) is completed.