Prepayment Fee Financial Glossary

What is it? A fee assessed to a borrower in connection with a prepayment.

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Financial Term Amortization is A breakdown of periodic loan payments into two components a principal portion and an interest portion.

Financial Term Ordinary dividends is Dividend paid to holders of ordinary shares

Financial Term Competitive call is In FP6, for Integrated Projects and Networks of Excellence, not all participants have to be identified already at the start of the contract. In the implementation plan or in the joint programme of activities, tasks and related costs can be defined, for which a participant has to be found later. For choosing new contractors, the consortium has to prepare a competitive call. Details will be fixed in the contract with the Commission.

Financial Term Annual General Meeting (AGM) is This is the annual shareholder meeting. All companies apart from the very small are required to have an annual general meeting by law. The background to the companys annual accounts are normally covered in the AGM as well voting for new directors.

Financial Term Credit Insurance is An insurance policy that pays off debts should the borrower lose their job, die, or become disabled.