Premium Financial Glossary

What is it? The difference between the offering price and opening or current price during a new issue of shares through an IPO or rights issue.

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Financial Term EBIT is A companys Earnings Before Interest and Taxes.

Financial Term Automatic Investment Plan is This service allows investors to invest automatically, by transferring money from bank or brokerage accounts at regular intervals.

Financial Term Maintenance Margin is Minimum margin that must be maintained on a futures contract.

Financial Term Takeover is When one company approaches another company, making an offer to the latters shareholders, seeking to acquire their shares in sufficient quantities to take control. If the company that is being taken over is listed on the Stock Exchange, a strict protocol of rules and regulations exist to protect the interests of shareholders. A time limit is set for acceptance of the offer. If the company making the offer gets control of 90% or more of the shares, it has a legal right to acquire the remaining 10% of the shares at the offer price. A take-over bid may be friendly, recommended by the board of the company being taken over, or it may be hostile, rejected by the board with the company making the offer going direct to shareholders.

Financial Term platted land is Land that has been divided into lots described in a plat plan that is filed in the real estate records of a political entity.