Portfolio Financial Glossary

What is it? A spread of investments across the full range of financial vehicles, including cash, fixed income and shares.

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Financial Term Variable Interest Rate is Variable interest rates change over time. They are calculated by taking the published prime rate (which varies) and adding a fixed percentage or margin on top. For example, a variable rate may be the prime rate plus 3.9 percent.

Financial Term Growth Stock is Stock of a corporation that has exhibited faster-than-average gains in earnings over the last few years and which analysts expect to continue to show high levels of profit growth.

Financial Term Acceptance Form is The written acknowledgment by the student of receipt of an award letter. The form usually provides for acceptance of offered aid, possible declination of all or part of the package, and some means of requesting an appeal, if that is desired, to modify the award. Frequently, acceptance letters and award letters are combined into a single document.

Financial Term Prelims is The Preliminary Announcement, being the initial report to the Stock Exchange of the companys financial results for the year.

Financial Term Medicaid is The government program that provides health care assistance for the poor.