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What is it? An amount equity to 1 percent of the principal amount of an investment note. Loan discount points are a one-time charge assessed at closing by the lender to increase the yield on the mortgage loan to A competitive position with other types of investments.

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Financial Term Construction Loan Draw is A partial disbursement of the construction loan based on the schedule of payments in the loan agreement. Also called takedown.

Financial Term 15Year Payment Plan is A loan payment option that ensures payments large enough to cover all interest due and extra principal to pay off your loan based on a 15-year term.

Financial Term Risk is The possibility that a given investment will lose value. Types of investment risk include currency risk, inflation risk, capital risk, market risk and interest-rate risk. Risk is a trade-off for investors. In order to increase the potential for reward, one usually has to assume a greater amount of risk.

Financial Term Collection Fund is A fund managed by the billing authority (District Council) to receive Business Rates income and Council Tax income. It is also used to make payments to the national business rates pool and to pay a share of council tax collected to the County Council, Police Authority, District Council and Parish Councils.

Financial Term NOL Net Operating Loss is Definition Equals negative earnings before taxes on the income statement. The NOL is carried forward to a year or years where this historical loss can be offset against current year earnings. Doing so reduces the current year tax liability and provides a positive impact to cash flow and value.