Personal Loan Financial Glossary

What is it? A loan which you take out as an individual, with a fixed interest rate and a fixed number of repayments.

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Financial Term Roth IRA is An individual retirement account that allows you to put up to $2,000 (within certain income limitations) a year away non-tax deductible with the benefits of being able to withdraw the earnings tax free in the future.

Financial Term Cover Note is A temporary certificate confirming that an insurance policy is in force.

Financial Term Discount is The interest deducted prior to advancing or lending money against outstanding invoices.

Financial Term Credit is With savings or checking accounts, an amount added to a savings or checking account balance, either through deposits or interest earned over time (see Debit). In other cases, credit is another name for a loan.

Financial Term data warehouse is A computerized database composed of data extracted from the data processing and accounting systems used for various bank deposit, loan, and other customer products. Typically, data is extracted from the various product systems, balanced, scrubbed, and converted into a standardized, readily accessible format.