Person Financial Glossary

What is it? Any student, staff, or person in the system

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Financial Term Deposit Account is An account with a bank or building society, which pays a variable rate of interest. You may get a higher rate of interest if you choose an account which doesnt give you instant access to your money.

Financial Term Recourse facility is Advance of finance against unpaid outstanding invoices in which the credit risk remains with the company. You would have to pay back advances in the event of bad debts (see also Non-recourse).

Financial Term Trustee is An individual or organization that is given legal responsibility to manage assets in the best interest of, or for, the benefit of another.

Financial Term LIBOR is London InterBank Offered Rate. The lending rate among international banks in London.

Financial Term Warrants is Securities giving the holder a right to subscribe to a share or a bond at a given price and from a certain date