Pension Scheme Financial Glossary

What is it? A way of saving for your retirement

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Other Similar Finance Terms:

Financial Term Per Capita is Per person

Financial Term Virement is The transfer of budget from one spending head to another. Limits on the amount of transfers are specified in the Councils Financial Regulations.

Financial Term PAYE is Pay-As-You-Earn - where your employer takes income tax off your salary or wages before you get it, and pays it direct to the Inland Revenue on your behalf.

Financial Term Council Tax is A tax charged on domestic householders based on their property band. There are eight bands of property values. The amount paid will depend on which band your property is in. A reduction for empty properties or if you live on your own. In Warwickshire, the district or borough council issues Council Tax bills and collects the Council Tax.

Financial Term dilution rate is Dilution as a percentage of gross sales.