Payor Financial Glossary

What is it? The person, company, or government responsible for making payments on an income stream.

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Financial Term Default Risk is Uncertainty of a firms ability to meet its debt obligations on time and in full.

Financial Term Specific Targeted Innovation Project is Specific Targeted Innovation Projects (STIP) are multi partner innovation projects. Their purpose is to support activities exploring, validating and disseminating new innovation concepts and methods at European level. The Community contribution is paid as a grant to the budget (percentage of total costs of the project).

Financial Term working capital is In accounting and finance, used to describe the amount, if any, by which a businesss current assets exceed its current liabilities. Also used more loosely to describe the funds a firm has available to run its day-to-day business affairs.

Financial Term CPF is See Contract Preparation Forms

Financial Term Protective Covenants is Clauses in a loan agreement aimed at reducing default risk to the bondholders.