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Other Similar Finance Terms:

Financial Term Federal Stafford Loan (subsidized and unsubsidized) is Long term, low interest loans administered by the Department of Education through private guarantee agencies. Formerly known as Guaranteed Student Loans (GSLs). Variable interest rate, not to exceed 8.25%. Unsubsidized Federal Stafford Loans may be used to replace EFC.

Financial Term Term Assurance is This is life assurance which pays out the insured sum on the death of the policy holder providing it occurs within the policy term. This is a common method to protect the mortgage in the event of death and to ensure that the mortgage debt is repaid. The most common types of this insurance are Mortgage Protection or Level Term Assurance. Mortgage protection is normally used in connection with a capital and interest mortgage and the level of the insured cover reduces in line with the reduction in the mortgage debt. Level Term assurance is more likely to be used in connection with an interest only mortgage as the level of cover remains constant as does the mortgage debt. With Term Assurance cover there is no pay-out if the policyholder survives the policy term and the policy simply lapses with no value. This factor makes this type of cover relatively inexpensive.

Financial Term Postal Account is An account where any withdrawals or investments are made via the post. The bank or building society normally supply pre-paid envelopes for this and some may offer additional facilities to enable instructions to be given via the telephone or fax.

Financial Term Earnest Money is A deposit paid up front as part of a purchase price, to demonstrate good faith on the part of the buyer.

Financial Term Reverse annuity is A type of mortgage, designed for elderly homeowners with substantial equity, by which a lender periodically (monthly, for example) pays an amount to the borrower. The loan balance increases with interest and periodic payments, causing negative amortization. The loan, including accrued interest, is paid in full when the property is sold.