Partnership Financial Glossary

What is it? A common form of joint ownership of a business.

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Financial Term Pro Rata Premium is A rate charged for a period of insurance cover shorter than the normal period.

Financial Term Contingency is A condition that must be met before a contract is binding. For example, the sale of a house might be contingent upon the seller paying for certain repairs.

Financial Term Institutional lenders is Savings and loan associations, local and regional banks, mortgage companies, finance companies, and commercial lenders.

Financial Term Comprehensive Performance Assessment is This is a process used by the Audit Commission to assess how well local authorities are performing. Authorities are assessed as being in categories ranging from Excellent to Poor. Those authorities which are considered to be well run and have a rating of Good or Excellent have been given greater flexibilities and freedoms, and are subject to lower levels of inspection than poorer performing authorities.

Financial Term Certificate of Title is A document provided by a qualified source (such as a title company) that shows the property legally belongs to the current owner. Before the title is transferred at closing, it should be clear and free of all liens or other claims.