Participation Financial Glossary

What is it? Lender involvement in a development for a percentage of the gross sales or profit, as well as interest on the loan. Usually occurs when money is difficult to obtain.

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Financial Term Monitoring Costs is An agency cost that arises when bondholders take steps to ensure that protective covenants in the bond indenture are adhered to by the firm. Similarly, shareholders take steps to ensure that management is acting in the best interest of the owners, i.e., that managers are maximizing the wealth of shareholders.

Financial Term earnings credit rate is An interest rate applied to investable account balances to determine how much expense for bank services used by a depositor is offset by the deposits maintained by that depositor. The same calculation can work in the opposite way by applying the earnings credit rate to the actual service charges to determine how much deposit balance is needed to pay for the charges. The earnings credit rate is always expressed as an annual rate even though the calculations are usually done monthly. Also called earnings allowance rate.

Financial Term Pensions interest cost and expected return on assets is The net interest cost is the increase in the value of the pension scheme liabilities that arise because those liabilities are one year closer to being paid.

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Financial Term Term is The period of time covered by a policy.