Participation Financial Glossary

What is it? An agreement between lenders to share a commitment to extend funds (if any), the extension of funds, and the credit risk for one or more credit facilities to a borrower. Almost always evidenced by a written agreement.

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Financial Term Conversion is The process of converting a qualified prospect into an active client.

Financial Term Discount (1) is The amount by which a bond or preferred stock may sell below its par value. (2) The notion that market prices takes into account@ or include all publicly available relevant information.

Financial Term Remortgage is This is the process by which a mortgage on a property is moved from one lender to another. The new mortgage is used to repay the existing lender and at the same time additional funds may be raised for other purposes. Remortgaging has become an increasingly popular way to take advantage of the competitive deals offered by lenders to attract new business. If a remortgage is being considered then careful attention should be paid to the costs associated with arranging the remortgage as well as the savings to be made on the monthly repayment ( the costs can sometimes erode any savings to be made ). The remortgage calculator on this site highlights costs to take into account when considering a remortgage. A check should also be made with the existing lender to ensure that there are no early redemption charges.

Financial Term Reverse Acquisition is A technique used by a private company to go public without jumping through all the regulatory hoops that going public usually requires. The private company acquires majority ownership in a publicly listed company that has no assets or liabilities (called a shell), changes the companys name, and installs its management and board of directors.

Financial Term Adjustable Rate Mortgages is Mortgage loans under which the interest rate is periodically adjusted to more closely coincide with current rates. The amounts and times of adjustment are agreed to at the inception of the loan.