Partial Financial Glossary

What is it? Any part of a payment stream that is less than the full amount due.

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Other Similar Finance Terms:

Financial Term Current liabilities is Monies that are due to be paid in less than one year such as bank overdrafts and money owed to suppliers.

Financial Term Defined Contribution Plan is An employer-sponsored retirement plan in which contributions are fixed on an annual or periodic basis. Benefits provided to participants are determined solely by the return on investment.

Financial Term Compound Interest is Payment of interest, not only on principal investment, but also on the interest accumulated in previous periods.

Financial Term Certified historic structure is Same or similar to historic structure. See historic structure.

Financial Term Flexible payment mortgage (FPM) is A home-purchase loan plan that allows the borrower to pay interest-only for the first several years of the term. Monthly payments must be sufficient to cover interest on the principal, and after 5 years, payments must be sufficient to amortize the principal over the remaining term.