Pari Passu Financial Glossary

What is it? A lending term meaning at an equal rate or pace.

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Financial Term Surplus is The remainder after taking away all expenses from income.

Financial Term Best Effort Purchas is A method of selling newly issued securities whereby the underwriters are expected to sell as many securities as possible. They are not obligated to sell the entire subscription. Also see firm commitment.

Financial Term Council Tax Base is An assessment by each billing authority of the number of converted to Band D equivalents (the average band), after properties, allowing for non-collection and new properties, on which a tax can be charged.

Financial Term Adjusted Budget is Current budget. Adopted budget plus or minus any budget adjustments. Total of all budget transactions. Details on actual transactions can be obtained by drilling down on this field.

Financial Term effective range is The spread between specified upper and lower limits for prepayments in a structured CMO such as a PAC.