Packaging Financial Glossary

What is it? The process of combining various types of student aid (grants, loans, scholarships, and employment) to attempt to meet full amount of students need.

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Financial Term deed in lieu of foreclosure is A deed executed by the mortgagor that transfers ownership in real estate to a lien creditor. This instrument is used when the debtor is unable or unwilling to pay and wishes to avoid foreclosure.

Financial Term S&P 500 is Standard and Poors stock price index comprising the 500 largest companies in the US

Financial Term Home Page is The main page of a Web site. Usually this is the first page that appears when a visitor accesses the Web site. ALSO the first page that appears on your browser when you access the Internet is referred to as your home page.

Financial Term dividend received deduction (DRD) is Federal tax law allows a C corporation investing in the stock of other corporations to take a tax deduction for the dividend income received from other corporations. This tax treatment applies to dividends from preferred and convertible preferred stock in addition to common stock. The deduction is usually, but not always, 70 percent of the dividend amount received.

Financial Term Operating profit (reported) is Profit before taking into account interest and corporation tax.