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What is it? Await events

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Other Similar Finance Terms:

Financial Term Fair Market Value is A fair price for a home or vehicle that is based on recent sales and similarly valued properties.

Financial Term Temporary Budget is Adjustments done in the current year that are temporary in nature. (budget adjustments that will not roll over to the next fiscal year).

Financial Term Current spending is The yearly running costs of local authorities, not including specific grants and the cost of buying our assets.

Financial Term WI is When-issued.

Financial Term deposit notes is A form of bank obligation that is similar to a deposit. Deposit notes are typically issued with terms from two to five years. Like CDs, deposit notes are issued for specified terms at either specified rates or specified rate formulas. Unlike CDs, deposit notes are sold in a predetermined amount for a predetermined time period. The deposit note terms are usually described in an offering circular similar to an offering of securities. For investors, the primary difference between bank CDs and bank deposit notes is the way in which interest is calculated. Like many government agency securities and corporate bonds, interest rates for deposit notes are typically calculated using accrual methods that assume a 360-day year comprised of months that all have 30 days. Deposit notes may be rated by a nationally recognized statistical rating organization (NRSRO).