OID Debt Financial Glossary

What is it? Original Issue Discount Debt

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Financial Term London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) is LIBOR is the rate international banks charge each other, and varies among the participating banks and throughout each business day reflecting global economic conditions. Standard LIBOR index rates (averages, fixed at a specific time each day) are published for various maturity terms.

Financial Term VRSK is Very risky

Financial Term Credit search is A check the lender makes with a specialist company to find out whether you have any County Court Judgements or a record of not paying loans, credit-card bills etc.

Financial Term Company pension is A pension scheme established by an employer for the provision of retirement benefits and /or other benefits for one or more employees.

Financial Term Wraparound mortgage is A loan arrangement in which an existing loan is retained and an additional loan is combined with the existing loan. The new lender accepts the obligation to make payments on the old loan. The existing loan generally carries an interest rate below the rate on new loans. Sellers are the most common wraparound lenders. (Technically, a wraparound is a second or junior mortgage, but for this survey, it is treated as a first mortgage.)