NYSE Financial Glossary

What is it? New York Stock Exchange.

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Financial Term Maturity Date is In the case of securities, the day on which the principal amount of a bond or other dated debt security is to be repaid in full. In the case of mortgage loans, the date on which the outstanding balance of the loan must be paid in full. In the case of savings, the first date following the account term, on which a certificate of deposit may be renewed or withdrawn without penalty (see Bond, Certificate of Deposit, Mortgage Loan).

Financial Term Durable Power of Attorney is A legal document that allows someone to appoint an attorney in fact to conduct personal and financial business, even in the event of legal incompetence. It expires upon the givers death.

Financial Term Interest Rate is The percentage of an amount of money which is paid for its use for a specified time. Usually expressed as an annual percentage.

Financial Term Security interest is An interest in property, other than real estate, which is given as security for a debt or other obligation. A security interest is created by execution of a security agreement and one or more financing statements under the Uniform Commercial Code.

Financial Term Assessed Value is The value of a property as determined for taxation by a public tax assessor.