New Issue Financial Glossary

What is it? Same as an IPO or placing.

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Financial Term Asset Management Account is An account at a brokerage or bank that includes the services of both. Asset management accounts generally offer check-writing privileges, credit or debit cards, and automatic transfers from one account to another. They often require an annual fee.

Financial Term Insurance Premium Tax is Tax imposed on most insurance policy premiums (it does not apply to life insurance policies).

Financial Term PAC tranche is Planned amortization class tranche. A REMIC security created to receive selected cash flows from a pool of underlying mortgages securing the REMIC. PAC tranches use a structure similar to a sinking fund to establish a fixed principal payment schedule. Created together with a companion or support tranche.

Financial Term Cyclical shares is Shares of companies whose performance are strictly dependent on the business cycle. When the economy is steaming ahead, cyclical shares perform well. In contrast, an economic downturn will affect the shares adversely.

Financial Term Regression Analysis is A statistical technique for fitting best line through data.