NAS Financial Glossary

What is it? New Associated State - States of Eastern and Central Europe that have become associated to the Framework Program.

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Other Similar Finance Terms:

Financial Term Appraisal Report is A written report by an appraiser containing his opinion as to the value of a property and the reasoning leading to the opinion. The factual data supporting the opinion, such as comparables, appraisal formulas, and qualifications of the appraiser, will also be set forth.

Financial Term D/K Debt to Capital Ratio is Definition Interest Bearing Debt divided by Total Capital (Debt plus Equity). This financial ratio represents the amount of leverage or debt used in the calculation of the discount rate used in your analysis.

Financial Term Will is A legal document that specifies how assets will be distributed upon death.

Financial Term Retail Investor is See Private Investor

Financial Term Minimum Income guarantee is This is the minimum level of income the government guarantees you will receive if you are over 60. If you have less than this level of income, the government tops it up. From October 2003, it will be placed by Pension Credit.