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Other Similar Finance Terms:

Financial Term Integrated Project is A new type of project in FP6 that comprises a coherent set of component actions which may vary in size and structure according to the tasks to be carried out, each dealing with different aspects of the research needed to achieve common overall objectives, and forming a coherent whole and implemented in close coordination

Financial Term Load is A commission paid by an investor to a broker for the purchase or sale of a mutual fund.

Financial Term Total assets is Total net fixed assets plus total current assets

Financial Term Rights issue is A means of raising new capital whereby existing shareholders agree to buy new shares at an agreed price, which will normally be at a discount to the current market price.

Financial Term Collective Responsibility is This is a mechanism applied in FP6 contracts by which a contractor may be held liable, technically and/or financially, fully or partially, for the action of another contractor. It is a consequence of the principle of autonomy of the consortium, which can decide about the allocation of the grant and the tasks. It is applied as a last resort in the case of a breach of the contract by one or more participants. Financial liability of a participant is limited in proportion to the participants share of costs in the project, up to the total payment it is entitled to receive.