Mortgage Banker/Mortgage Company Financial Glossary

What is it? A company providing mortgage financing with its own funds. Although the mortgage banker or company uses its own funds, these funds are generally borrowed and the financing is either short term or, if long term, the mortgages are sold to investors within a short time.

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Financial Term Property insurance is A form of insurance that protects real property against certain risks, such as from fires or storms; often called fire and hazard insurance. May include flood insurance. Does not include mortgage insurance or mortgage life insurance.

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Financial Term VA mortgage loan is A form of mortgage insurance. Housing loans to veterans by banks, savings and loans, or other lenders are guaranteed by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (formerly the Veterans Administration). This enables a veteran to buy a principal residence with little or no down payment.

Financial Term estoppel letter or estoppel certificate is A document used in commercial mortgage transactions where the lender is secured by property that is leased to tenants. Also known as tenant estoppel letters or tenant acceptance letters. Written admissions that are obtained by the lender prior to funding to create estoppel. In an estoppel letter, the tenants attest that they believe the lease to be valid and enforceable, that they are making lease payments as agreed, that the landlord is not in default of any lease provisions requiring landlord performance and that no rent has been prepaid. The estoppel letter gives the lender more rights and more flexibility for disposing of the property in the event that the borrower defaults.

Financial Term Mortgage is Includes all forms of debt for which real property, that is, land and/or buildings, is given as security. Such security may be in one or more of the following