4L Financial Glossary

What is it? Under perform / Low risk

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Other Similar Finance Terms:

Financial Term TradeIn Value is The amount a dealership will credit you for a vehicle you provide as partial or full payment for another vehicle.

Financial Term Redemption penalty is A charge made for paying off a loan, or debt balance, before an agreed date.

Financial Term PAYE is Pay-As-You-Earn - where your employer takes income tax off your salary or wages before you get it, and pays it direct to the Inland Revenue on your behalf.

Financial Term Market value is The price at which a ready, willing, and informed person would buy something; the price property would command in the current market.

Financial Term Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) is A mortgage loan in which the interest rate is subject to periodic adjustment up or down according to the movement of a pre-arranged index - such as the Cost of Funds Index or an institutions cost of providing savings accounts (see Interest Rate, Index, Fixed Rate Mortgage, Cost of Funds Index).