Mid Price Financial Glossary

What is it? The normal price quoted in the press for the companys shares, being the mid point in the Bid and Offer spread.

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Financial Term Bull Market is A market with the general prices advancing.

Financial Term pairoff is A security purchase transaction that is closed out or sold on or before the settlement or expiration date. In a pair-off, the investor commits to purchase a security. Then, prior to the predetermined settlement date, the investor offsets that purchase with a sale of the same security that is arranged to settle on or before the settlement date for the purchase. Instead of paying for the purchased security on the settlement date, the investor need only pay or receive the difference between the purchase and sale prices. Pair-offs are price speculations that are considered trading activities and may be criticized by bank examiners if not handled as trading activities.

Financial Term Dollar Cost Averaging is An investment strategy whereby you invest the same amount of money at regular intervals, regardless of share price. Dollar cost averaging allows you to buy more shares when prices are lower and fewer when prices are higher, smoothing out fluctuations of the stock market. Remember, however, that this plan does not guarantee a profit or protect against loss and requires investors to determine whether they can continue to invest over the long term.

Financial Term Term is In a mortgage loan, the time period within which a loan must be repaid. Mortgage terms typically range from 15- to 40-years. In a certificate of deposit, the specified period of time during which funds earn interest (see Loan Terms, Mortgage Loan, Certificate of Deposit).

Financial Term EPS is See Earnings Per Share