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What is it? In IST an optional designation used in FP5 for organisations joining a Network or Accompanying Measure

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Financial Term Credit BureauCRA is An independent data storage company that maintains the history of your credit reports. The credit bureaus, also knows as Credit Reporting Agencies (CRA), are independent of each other. There are three major credit bureaus Experian, Equifax and Trans Union.

Financial Term Bull is A person who expects the price of shares, and consequently the value of the Stock Market itself, to rise.

Financial Term Director(ate) General is Directorate General (DG) is an administrative unit of the Commission. Currently the Commission is divided into about 30 DGs (and comparable services). Five of them are involved in the management of FP6 DG Research (RTD), DG Information Society (INFSO), DG Transport and Energy (TREN), DG Enterprise (ENTR), DG Fisheries (FISH). The Director General is thetop civil servant in charge of an individual Directorate General

Financial Term Reserves and funds is Savings we have built up from surpluses.

Financial Term Footnote B is To be used if there are any sales charges or account charges which impact yield. This footnote applies to money market funds only.