Maximum Balance Financial Glossary

What is it? See Investment limit.

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Financial Term Flexible loan is A loan that allows you to borrow up to an agreed amount, so that you can increase or decrease the loan depending on how much money you need from time to time.

Financial Term Growth Stock is Stock of a corporation with a record of faster-than-average sales and earnings. Growth stock typically appeals to investors who seek a long-term increase in value.

Financial Term Pension Mortgage is This is an interest only mortgage which is supported by a Personal Pension Plan. Interest only is paid to the lender and in addition premiums are paid into a Personal Pension Plan. On retirement a portion of the personal pension fund can be taken as a tax free cash sum and it is this cash lump sum (or a part of it) which is used to repay the mortgage debt. The disadvantage of this type of mortgage is that the mortgage term must run through to anticipated retirement age (for the younger borrower this could exceed 25 years) and part of the retirement fund is used to repay the mortgage debt. The advantage is that the pension premiums attract tax relief at the borrowers highest rate.

Financial Term deferred taxes is A liability account that reflects the accumulated difference between the amount of income tax that the firm shows each year as an expense on its financial statements and the amount of income tax, usually lower, that the firm pays to the government.

Financial Term BOW is Buy on weakness