Market Value Financial Glossary

What is it? See Market Capital.

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Financial Term Supranational is Australian dollar-denominated debt issued by international organisations whose operations transcend established national boundaries or spheres of interest.

Financial Term Member state is A state being a member of the European Union

Financial Term prepayment estimate is A reasonable and supportable forecast of loan prepayments. In the case of a mortgage-backed security, it is the forecast of principal amortization caused by loan prepayments. A single prepayment estimate is associated with each projected interest rate environment. Estimates are used to forecast expected lives. Investors typically examine data for a range of prepayment estimates applicable to a range of preselected rate changes.

Financial Term Gilt is A bond or security issued by the government with a fixed or variable rate of interest.

Financial Term Blue Chip Stock is The nickname for a nationally known, publicly traded company that typically has a long record of profit growth and dividend payment and a reputation for quality management, products and services.